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Its the summer holiday season

Hi everyone its the summer holiday season and sometimes we can’t always take our dogs camping for the Summer.

I thought I’d start my first blog with some tips on how to prepare your lovely dog for his or her trip his home boarding or kennels or even to a relative.

All dogs are different but a lot of their habits come from us their owners. We tend to give our dogs a routine, they are fed and walked at the same time to fit in with our busy working lives. When they stay somewhere else these routines will change, the less resilient dog can find this confusing.

My tips are :

Change your dogs routine every once in a while.

Feed him at a different time, or scatter feed rather from a bowl (kibble or dry food works best).

Go for walks at different times and on different routes.

Arrange for a one night stay at the dog boarders, kennels or take them for a visit if its their first time. This helps the dog to settle in for his longer stay.

Train your dog to have basic commands sit, stay, come, to make it easier for the person looking after your dog.

Always let the person looking after your dog know if your dog has any issues such as poor recall, food or toy aggression, or like my Barney and loves to bark. All our dogs have something so don’t worry about it just let the person know who will be looking after your dog.

In the photo below are Barney and Sammy. Sammy is a typical beagle, she loves an adventure sometimes too much so needs to stay on her lead for walks but her owners let me know so she has always been safe. I’m happy to offer advice so just drop me an email so we can make sure sure your dogs enjoy their holidays too.

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