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Taking your dog on holiday with you

Taking your dog on holiday is great for you and your dog. It helps to build your dog’s confidence as it gets used to going to different places and creates a stronger bond between you and your dog. It also stimulates the dog mentally as they experience new things, and mental stimulation can be just as tiring for a dog, as lots of physical exercise.

It’s important to take everything you need for your dog depending on where you are travelling too. Do your research before you travel on what you might need.

Barney and Harry are used to staying in hotels as well as travelling in my motor home up and down the country.

They both were introduced to travelling and sleeping in different places from an early age and are always excited to stay somewhere new. Being working cocker spaniels they can a bit too excitable for some hotel guests so it’s important they do behave during their stay.

I always take their crates or a dog pen for the dogs to rest and sleep in and also to stop them from bouncing on the furniture.

I take a cover to put on the bed as after a wet walk, a muddy spaniel will manage to do a flying leap onto the lovely white bed quilt cover splattering muddy paw prints everywhere. It’s happened.

Take plenty of treats too, if you are going to be visiting a bar or restaurant with your dog these are useful to train and encourage them lie under the table.

I took both Barney and Harry to dog friendly pubs and restaurants when they were young dogs and trained them to wait at my table whilst I ordered at the bar, when you are travelling alone with two dogs you need to be prepared.

I will cover training tips in future blogs.

Take your dog’s usual food to avoid an upset stomach, plenty of poo bags, a spare lead in case one snaps and most important make sure your dog is wearing a name tag on its collar.

Towels and or drying coats are useful for our wonderful English summer weather as well as travel water bowls. You can buy some great drying suits, some designs are better than others. Harry is not impressed with his cute hedgehog but Barney loves his scary pirate outfit. Alternatively they can coordinate with your soft furnishings like Harry below. I do have fun with these.

If your dog likes to chew, take some chew toys with you,hopefully it will prevent the table leg being eaten while your in the shower.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos so you can bore all your non doggy friends by posting pictures to social media of your dog on holiday.

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